Monday, 1 March 2010


YES! Finally, FINALLY got internet at the flat, the wireless still doesn't work on my laptop tho. Bugger technology!

sorry about the bad quality webcam photo... I try to make up for it by doing some fancy stuff on photoshop.

I'm really loving my newly thrifted ruffle skirt, its so playful and adds that touch femininity to my minimal closet.

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  1. Lol, so much for vowing to "buy nothing this year"... =P

    Love the skirt! Super cute. ^_~ How much was it?

    OOO you have photoshop??? Did you buy it? I really want to learn how to use it, and somehow get hold of a copy...

    As for photos: when you upload it, and hover your mouse over the photo (or click on the photo, there should be a little panel that pops up at the bottom where you can choose your photo size). Hope that helps.

    <3 from


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