Wednesday, 24 March 2010


During one of our "study breaks", my flat mate and I made a trip down to our local wholesale market, More Wilson's to pick up one of our favourite lollies. Sour Spider Monkeys.

We bought a ridiculous 2kg bag of sour spider monkeys, hopefully that's going to last us for the week, as we'll be having a fun filled weekend finishing two assignments due next week.

Also I found it extremely comical how we walked into Ri's (my flat mate)'s gym carrying our ridiculous 2kg bag of lollies, without actually going to exercise.
probably need to.

wearing: Momo ice burg green top
Rough dress
faux Balenciaga booties
bicycle necklace from China
faux Prada bag

LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes!

Love this whimsical bicycle necklace

sour spider monkeys
in More Wilson's confectionary section...

Photos are by Rhianna Field, a.k.a. my fabulous flat mate. Thanks Ri! Having someone take your photos is so much more fun than doing it yourself.

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