Thursday, 27 August 2009


I'm up in Wellington at the moment, the capital of New Zealand. hopefully I'll be moving up here next year if I get into the university. shopping here is great, no wait the op shops here are great I'm really sick of chain stores, isn't everyone?!

it was a tough trip, had to drive to Christchurch from Dunedin to

crepes and orangina, i made friends with the french guy at crepe stall. i think I'm going to be his frequent customer

this might be my future apartment building...

by the Wellington War Memorial

wearing a T that i screen printed
vintage blazer
denim tights
chucks- more practical for walking than heels... especially with a blister. ouch

Sunday, 23 August 2009


YAY Spring is coming. I welcome it with open arms.
cant wait for the weather to get warmer as I've unfortunately had 7 winters in a role.
yes 7. its to do with traveling between the northern and southern hemispheres and the seasonal differences... a pain, I should know.

a cute hair tie is the easiest way to receive complements from others!!!
this one is like 3 years old, i have officially brought it out of its retirement.

random grey T op-shop shirt worn as skirt
KG wedges
jewellery from France
belt from op-shop

au revoir l'hiver

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


school is so busy lately! people use to always tell me 7th form is easy, their exact words was 'breeze', let me tell you. ITS NOT BREEZY AT ALL!

here im wearing...
op shop shirt
DIY Chanel singlet
siren heels
denim tights

Monday, 10 August 2009


Ops forgot to mention my awesome ring that I rediscovered in my jewellery box. SCORE!
Am loosing some tears over it, as the jewels in the head are beginning to fall out... sign of old age???


Woke up early to a gorgeous sunrise this morning, must share with the rest of the world...

Just a random outfit today. School finished at 1.45 and i couldn't concentrate on my homework (surprise surprise)...

chiffon top- op-shop
Lee high waisted skinny jeans
T-bar heels from France
Eiffel tower necklace from Paris
close up of top

Sunday, 9 August 2009


The must see collection by John Galliano, autumn 09
I absolutely love this collection and you should definitely check out the video on YouTube its amazing.

The inspiration for this creation was Ukrainian Brides, I think its genius and he portrayed this theme perfectly. I love the fact that Galliano will never bore me and its amazing to see his collections every season, and we must not forget the amazing Galliano make up!

Here i am procrastinating again... still haven't finished that English seminar...

Hands down definitely one of my favourite collections, can't wait to get my hands on Galliano's first perfume.

Saturday, 8 August 2009


I have to admit I am one big procrastinator. THE BEST procrastinator you'll ever meet.

Instead of writing an English seminar that's due on Tuesday, I made myself a Chanel singlet, dug out all my random material lying around home, tidied my (very) messy bedroom and began a very long process of fixing the pair of satin pants that i was in the process of making (anything to aviod homework). Also this was my first Saturday free of work and gym and i even came home early on Sunday too.
I had planned to use this weekend wisely to finish all that school work, instead I extended my wardrobe and my homework... i am hopeless
denim waist coat- H&M France
singlet- a product of procrastination
sparkly tights- random
shoes- from France
aviators- random

Sunday, 2 August 2009


went to see COCO AVANT CHANEL today... was good, nearly missed it as i blondly went to the wrong theater... ops
took outfit photo, but its quite boring so i wont bore anyone with it.

instead here are some photos of my ensemble yesterday...

ancient Primp top
necklaces from France- H&M I think
chopped off Levis cutoffs by moi
shoes- Country Road
belt- vintage

this is what i wore today

see boring right