Sunday, 7 March 2010


I can not believe I've just spent $1120 in two days. I have no money, HAD no money, and am probably never going to have money, EVER again.

These past couple of days I've bought a coat I don't need, shorts I can't wear (a) because of all the food that I bought, (b) bloody winter's coming. And to top it off, a SLR camera I'm scared to use because I have a feeling I'm gonna break that too.

On a different note check out some of my recent favourite things.

Cartier watch, new $4.50 bracelet from Recycle Boutique

Le meme
inspirations for my Fashion Body and Form studio, loving the cut out shapes. cheeky.
I know there's been a studs overkill, but the subtle studs detail on this gives this dress that je ne sais quoi.
I refer to these as my BOAT shoes/Hand made shoes I bought from China.
This is my "space" for Spacial Design studio.


  1. Hehe don't worry - money can ALWAYS be made again. The purchases you got are things that will last, like the coat and camera. Don't feel too bad ;)

    Start using that camera! I'm eager to see more photos!

    Also I saw your other Korea pics, and it's so crazy because I was at some of the EXACT same places! We walked into that same wholesale jewelry place (not knowing it was wholesale). Your photos brought back such nice memories... I really really fell in love with the country and never felt such a sense of belonging as when I was in Seoul...

  2. aww thanks for the encouragement, i'll be up and about looking for a job so hopefully that will solve the money issue.

    and its always nice to find connections between people who have never met before and realize you have so much in common to talk about!

    by the way, did u buy anything at the jewellery place?

    i left a comment on ur blog too, not knowing which comment u will check

  3. thank you for your lovely comment!!
    your blog is so cute and really inspirational!
    i love the cut out on the shirt and studs are definetly in!! xxxxxx

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