Friday, 26 February 2010


So here you have it, some snap shots of my first two weeks here in Massy University in Wellington. Im sorry about the lack of posts its just been really hectic here and i haven't had much time, or space to take photos for the blog.

Above is my new faux Balenciaga booties. im sooooo in love with them right now, and so is Rachel. We had a little freak out over them last night.
love this colour, ice burg green. Its so refreshing to look at.
ram bone necklace- San ya
other necklace- China
a view out of my apartment window. Its very confined...
my wardrobe... there isn't enough room for my shoes!
my flat mate on the ground, trying to impress us girls.

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  1. Cute! I'm glad you're settling in! (And I see you've been wearing that awesome green jersey of yours... *super jealous*)

    Hope to hear from you soon, yeah?

    <3 from


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