Tuesday, 29 September 2009


ciao, I'm pleased to inform you that i have successfully passed my full licence. yay now i can drive anyone anytime legally... not that its ever stoped me before, but now i do it guilt free.
i celebrated with an afternoon of shopping, saw a tone of things i 'wanted', but I'm currently trying to keep away from temptations as I'm planning on saving it all for when i go to China at the end of the year. let me tell you it SUCKS when you see stuff you desperately want, but you cant buy it, it SUCKS to save, it SUCKS to get paid minimum wage, and it SUCKS to pay petrol.
i saw these really mean deep green booties with a solid wood heel that's perfect for winter, but since i live in the Southern hemisphere there's no point, one more thing that SUCKS
something i hope that doesn't suck...
hand knitted scarf
leather jacket from Australia
op shop denim shirt
diy dome singlet
Moschino pants
Tony Bianco booties
on my shopping trip i found this totally fabulous cardie shrug thingy
snug and comfy, something you don't hear very often in fashion
it even has studs in random places... unclear on if i like that

we then went back to S's place for food and a movie... an Olsen classic, 'A Trip to Paris' typical 90's awful shoes- straw embellished platform sandals, bad hair, fugly hats, and dorky plastic jewellery. it reminded me of the fugly shoes i posted a week back.

S and I reminessed about our trip to France through the whole movie when ever we saw something familiar... ahhh good times

Friday, 25 September 2009


with my friends 18th slowly approaching, I've finally nutted out what I'm going to get her for this very special occasion. so i hit the shops, as a result of the recent on going crappy weather i haven't been feeling the need to go out or get dressed up... something very unlike moi, but with the newbies that my grandparents bought me from China i gave into their temptation.
frilly chiffon dress tunic thing from China
diy aviator necklace
Eiffel tower necklace
moschino pants (don't think I've mentioned these pants before, they were a lucky find in a Wellington op shop, hehehe)
shoes from France

as promised, here is a photo of the world's smallest watch( i have no idea if this is true or not, so don't hold me against it) its cute i think... it does make a really nice ring, crap meant to take a photo of it in ring form, i forgot like a idiot-it will come. any who i must be off for work, one of the many joys in life

Thursday, 24 September 2009


can't believe we've made 0 improvement on the weather front for almost a week! its been hailing, snowing, raining, sun shining (briefly) and tornado wind blowing. I'm sick and tired of Dunedin's weather issues. its not surprising since Sydney had that dust storm, but still it doesn't mean the rest of us has to suffer.

so today i drove to the airport to pick up my grandparents, my uncle bought me a uni present... the worlds smallest watch, its by a Swiss brand called Merveille, I've never heard of it, but its pretty cute. I'm not a fan of women's watches at all but this one goes nicely with my bracelets so i think I'm going to like it, pictures to come.
leather jacket from Australia
hand knitted scarf by moi ( took me bloody years)
only jeans
new Melissa shoes
my dad's cashmere jumper
diy aviator necklace (my sunnies broke so i decided to get a bit creative)

i love my new Melissa's! i don't own any pink shoes and it felt a bit strange buying flats but these are just too adorable. my feet does get a bit cold wearing them i must admit.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


since i have had time in the holidays Ive started to work more on my collage scarp book, here is a snap shot

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


i went op shopping today for some buttons and chains that i need desperately for the jacket that I'm making.
i found some truly fugly denim pulp shoes that just made me laugh.
they're just hideous and to think that they were probably fashionable in the 90's really made me gag. check out the pocket detail... and the fluff around the edges... cringe
on a different tangent, i found some photos of a mufty day at school a couple weeks back, here's my friend S and her new hat, it was real floppy so decided to zoosh it up...

i totally reckon she looks like the Pope here

and this photo is totally kiwi, rugby socks and jandles, the preferred foot wear of males in New Zealand. oh and plus sexy track pants

Monday, 21 September 2009


as you can tell i got extremely sick of studying...
glad now that exams are over i have nearly 3 weeks of peaceful relaxation...maybe

currently I'm trying to sell my Nokia N70 phone on trademe, spent ages typing the description etc, man i tell ya its not easy these days to get rid of unwanted technology. especially one i can't operate properly.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I had my English exam today... my fingers are so sore right now that I'm typing with one hand with the other wrapped in a ice pack. I've made myself a deal that I'm going straight to study calc after this post so I'm going to keep it brief.
I'm wearing:
vintage blazer
vintage dress
diy leather belt
random tights
heels from France- one of my favorites!
I absolutely adore these shoes! they are comfy and go with everything, the subtle details give them that something else don't you think?
definitely one of my best buys in France!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Booked my full licence today, it will be in two weeks... bit nervous.
I should be into full on study mode, but as you can tell I'm still blogging... new years resolution, to put an end to procrastination.
today I'm wearing:
Witchery singlet to which i added the white frills to turn it into a dress
vintage blazer
shoes from France
random silk socks
op-shop bag
a big bunch of random jewellery
everything apart from the two gold bangles i wear permanently.

Sunday, 13 September 2009


today's outfit:
DIY Chanel singlet
DIY Levis cutoffs
Siren shoes
Karen Walker necklace
vintage bag
my beloved Karen Walker necklace, twas a gift from my best friend. I love the KW's runaway girl collection and I think it gives the outfit a of a girly twist. cute
these shoes are my favourite! they go with absolutely EVERYTHING! they're the highest shoes I own but don't look stripperish, bonus. the leather is so comfortable, but I do get sore feet after walking in them for a while

Friday, 11 September 2009


not much is happening at the moment apart from trying to fill in the millions of forms i have to do for uni next year. oh yea and there's exams next week that's gonna probably drive me crazy!

Valley girl dress from Australia
tights from work
Siren shoes
Just Jeans cardy
vintage belt

Friday, 4 September 2009


A rare sunny warm day in Dunedin today. i tagged along with my parents to their friends, son's wedding... don't actually know the couple myself, but it was a wonderful opportunity for me to wear my formal dress again.

when i finally managed to struggle into my dress, i realised how badly sewn the dress actually was... no hem, no over locking, visible zip that's in a different colour to the dress, but i somehow managed to hide it... interesting sewing skills i possess

vintage blazer
dress made by moi
Sonia Rykiel shoes
belt from China

Sonia Rykiel shoes purchased from France! love them to bits, they are my pride and joy. however this photo don't really say alot... will def post some better photos of them sometime.