Friday, 5 March 2010


Woke up this morning bright and early... when I didn't have to since it's a Saturday and I have no classes... don't you just hate those days when you always, ALWAYS wake up early and can't go back it sleep, and it always happens to be the day when you didn't have to get up early!?!

So I spent my morning looking back at my holiday photos, and reminiscing on how great it was to wake up every morning without an assignment to worry about, and all that I concerned myself with was where to shop. t'was very relaxing.

giant whole sale jewelry market (I have no idea how I found this place.)
late night shopping, the streets of Seoul was v. much ALIVE.

I love her coat.

had a hair cut

le shopping... so many cute stalls. look at the man with his mouth open... not quite sure what he's doing, looks like he's eating, but he hasn't got anything in his hands...
at Seoul air port.
wearing new dress, better photos of it to come.


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