Sunday, 30 May 2010


You guys, you have no idea how nice it is to go home to a place where there is NO wind! Seriously. My hair isn't whipping about all over the place, I don't have to constantly grab at my coat or jacket or what have you, for fear that its going to be torn off my body by the wind, and check this, I can even wear lip gloss and don't have to worry about my hair getting stuck in it. It is fabulous I tell you.

Enough about that, sorry I haven't updated in ages, it was hand in week last week so there were some all nighters along with late nighters and no time to waste.

I just got home yesterday, I have two weeks home and heaps of free time so no worries, i'll update more often.
Some shoes I left behind first time round.

Jewellery to last me two weeks

I found my faux chanel along with my Eiffel Tower, and a whole stack of books which I plan to bring back to Wellington with me.

My babe, haha she's not used to a flash light

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Currently stressing about hand ins, so its sufficient to say i've neglected the blog for the time being. work is kicking my ass, so i've really got to concentrate.

I'm hopping to get some rushed shopping done tomorrow, just because i'm suffering from withdraw symptoms from not buying decent stuff in a while. yesterday i literally spent $15 on a note book. a plain note book. A NOTE BOOK YOU GUYS! WHAT THE HELL!?! the thing is I don't even need a note book. I have too many books as it is…

random mix

going home soon! ciao!

Monday, 10 May 2010


Ta Da! my newest purchase, a bird on a branch. It's beautifully detailed and totally different to anything I own. I love it to bits!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Yes. Yes I am meant to be doing work right now, that's why I'm at the library. Yes my internet is currently suspended. Yes I've spent all my pay from last week. Yes I've bought my mother a Mother's day present and sent it. Yes I have to go to the Hutt (where the hell is that!?!) for work for the next two weeks and I have no idea where the hell that is, or how to get there. Yes I'm a bit screwed right now.

But none the less I've come to learn to look at the bright side of life. E.g. I have a job.
I'll be going home in three weeks.

wearing: thrifted bazer- $2-$10
dress, Korea- $40
necklaces, San Ya- under $20
Brogues- $30

I mentioned I have some exciting things to show off, that's sill yet to come. sorry internet suspension.

Yesterday I was having a bit fun with my flatmate on the way back from Noel Leeming. She wanted to play their guitar hero... I wanted to verbally abuse the Apple technician(for not fixing my laptop. Not because I like to abuse people).