Saturday, 31 October 2009


I've bought alot of new stuff this week, its been a tough week so some shopping therapy was definitely needed!
New belt, from Dotti- only $15, so couldn't resist

New cardie/ wrap/ shaw/ thing- very comfortable, you might remember it from a couple weeks back. I discovered this piece shopping with a friend, saw it again this week, it was on sale for $50 so I had to have it
oh yea and new sunnies, it was 2 for $20 so my friend and I went halves. I pretty much spent $70 on crap so that's not very comforting right now... oh well money is just numbers

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


HELLO check out these puppies! wow love, love, love Alexander McQueen, the sock embroiled detail is amazing and adds a dynasty touch.

Here are some snap shots from BLACK magazine, one of my fav NZ fashion and photography mags, which I've just recently discovered while cleaning the magazine shelves at work.
I'm really into the military look at the moment, don't quite know if its me though, but i really like the sexy feminine twist added to this look
Zucca dress, Alexander McQueen shoes
and last but not least, Vivenne Westwood belted boots... speechless, apart from... birthday gift???

all pictures from Black magazine

Saturday, 24 October 2009


An another unusually hot day in Dunedin, I'm beginning to think that it might be possible for me to get a tan before I dash back to the sub zero temperatures in China... shiver

went for a walk in the Gardens to get ice cream with my mum, I found it kinda hard to walk in these plat forms... oh well at least I didn't get a blister.

I'm wearing:
vintage blazer of my Mothers
hand painted silk singlet by Moi
vintage pleated skirt
Country Road shoes
vintage bag

Friday, 23 October 2009


Right now I'm eating my favourite green tea ice block (trying very hard to not get any on my computer), and i have to say green tea is the best flavour in the whole entire universe. I needed the pick me up after the day I had yesterday! Its a long story so I wont bore you with the details, long story short it involved a grandma, annoying work colleagues, boat people and a bunch of drunk girls, one in particular. lets just say a day like yesterday should never happen to anyone all at once! I'm emotionally drained.

Any who, today I'm wearing:

my dad's cashmere jumper
vintage leather skirt (I'm so in love with this skirt, bough it in a Wellington op-shop, I've been dying to wear it ever since i bought it, but the weather hasn't been so kind...)
tights cut off DIY leg warmer/socks thing
Siren booties

new nail polish, reminds me of cotton candy... yum

I'm really liking knotting thin necklaces to take away the plain jane factor

Monday, 19 October 2009


-photos from- NW and Grazia magazine-
How kool is Lady Gaga's head gear?!?! It's insane!
She's so crazy, I solute her for her braveness.

Saturday, 17 October 2009


At Save Mart, one of the biggest op shops in the country, that is a mini country such as NZ with a population of 4.5 mill, yes, very tiny.

I was just bout done when i saw this babe stuck in a rack of Nana jumpers. Its real fur... kinda put me off buying it, it was the fact that its made from a lot of different fur too that if I bought it, I would literally feel like I would be wearing a zoo.

Another faux fur that's more what i was looking for...

My outfit today:
Pimkie coat from France
tartan dress from China
vintage belt
Tony Bianco booties

somehow this belt reminds me of the wool logo... strange

Thursday, 15 October 2009

photo via fashion toast

I'm literally falling head over heels for these babies. I know they're from a couple of seasons ago but these Chloes are just incroyable! please please shoe god grant me these for my birthday!!!!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


This was taken awhile ago I must of forgot to post it, whops... I do have memory issues u know. Somehow i can never remember numbers, for example; my cell number, phone number, birthdays, due dates, important events and just every thing number related. This handy disability of mine has been clearly highlighted in my calc exams...

cardie from Max
skirt from Forever young Australia
Siren booties
and geek glasses

also got a shot of my little monster lookin very C U T E.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


This little beauty is a recent find while running errands for myself, it was only 5 bucks and it fits like it was made for me... OK not quite but close enough. when I caught my reflection in the car window this morning I shocked myself a little, as for a brief moment I looked like a nurse... cringe,
nurse=blood, blood=vomit, vomit= ewww...

due to the near perfection of the blazer I had to add a little 2min D.I.M (do it myself) broach/pin to zoosh things up

I just love how my Moschino pants complement these heels

there's my car/ rental from my parents. its big wide ass makes parking difficult, especially parallel...
back to school tomorrow, I die.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


long story short since the weather has taken a turn for the better, I've been out and about with friends for the past week, excluding work on bright summery days. the due date for my portfolio is fast approaching and today i had to go out to buy some charcoal... it took me three shops, sore feet and half an hour later to buy a single stick of charcoal! needless to say i felt like I've accomplished something big once i successfully made the purchase and am now watching sex and the city on my laptop, and haven't picked up the stick of charcoal yet...
my friend Stef helped me yesterday to shoot some photos for my portfolio, here is one of my recent pieces, its a cousin to the t-shirt i made for Step for her birthday. i really like the rough edges and the ripped up back, i had no idea what i was doing, the idea came after some playing around