Friday, 30 April 2010


Comfort dressing: Cashmere jumper - stolen from Dad
white slip - Rough- $3
sheer tights - so cheap from China they're almost free!
patent brogues - $30
bag - thrifted $5
vogues - 3 for $4. I bought them from an op-shop so I won't feel guilty cutting them up.

After my original plan of hitting the biggest op-shop in town went to custard I spent the Saturday frolicking around the city with my flatmate in search of the legendary make up sale. We found it. I bought more additional crap to add to my already ridiculously big pile of ridiculous crap.

Currently procrastinating... should really go see a hypnotist or someone like that about it.

The weather has been so bleak lately. All I want to do is bum around. Monogramming is GAY.

P.S. I have something really kool to showoff for next time!

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