Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Since moving to Wellington and becoming a full time student I've come to realize how ridiculously priced clothes are. As I'm yet to find a job, I'm really trying to watch my spending in every possible way since I'm only living off my savings from last year and a little student allowance. Being a fashion student I love to be chic and dress up at any opportunity, I'm hoping that you all realize that you don't have to spend a fortune to look chic and polished.

here I'm wearing: new T-shirt, Cotton On-$5 (on sale)
leather skirt, thrifted- $27
shoes, from China- $20
geek glasses, Equip- gift
bangle- Bling- $5
ring- gift
necklace- gift
watch- mortier Cartier- antique shop- $50
Chanel earrings- Chanel Paris-150 euros (the only thing I splurged on)

I was super happy to find this ice burg green T at Cotton On the other day, I've been looking for clothes this colour since buying my ice burg green mug back in December in China.

Hope this has been an interesting post, ciao


  1. HEhe I like that several items were gifts ~ that's the best way to save money! The jewelry and earrings are amazing! I hope to one day buy a designer jewelry piece :)

  2. It makes me jealous that you can pull off leather so effortlessly, and I just look like a wannabe gangster. >_< Ugh, I guess I'll just stick with my chiffon and wool (preppy and boring, much? =P)

    Which reminds me, I really need to go shopping... I haven't bought anything really substantial in, like, months. No joke!

    <3 from


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