Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Yes. Yes I am meant to be doing work right now, that's why I'm at the library. Yes my internet is currently suspended. Yes I've spent all my pay from last week. Yes I've bought my mother a Mother's day present and sent it. Yes I have to go to the Hutt (where the hell is that!?!) for work for the next two weeks and I have no idea where the hell that is, or how to get there. Yes I'm a bit screwed right now.

But none the less I've come to learn to look at the bright side of life. E.g. I have a job.
I'll be going home in three weeks.

wearing: thrifted bazer- $2-$10
dress, Korea- $40
necklaces, San Ya- under $20
Brogues- $30

I mentioned I have some exciting things to show off, that's sill yet to come. sorry internet suspension.

Yesterday I was having a bit fun with my flatmate on the way back from Noel Leeming. She wanted to play their guitar hero... I wanted to verbally abuse the Apple technician(for not fixing my laptop. Not because I like to abuse people).


  1. Hey!

    You left such a sweet comment on my blog, I had to stop by... You are very cute in every pic!

    x sandra

  2. 看到大家都留言-我也忍不住說聲---加油.........................


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