Thursday, 24 September 2009


can't believe we've made 0 improvement on the weather front for almost a week! its been hailing, snowing, raining, sun shining (briefly) and tornado wind blowing. I'm sick and tired of Dunedin's weather issues. its not surprising since Sydney had that dust storm, but still it doesn't mean the rest of us has to suffer.

so today i drove to the airport to pick up my grandparents, my uncle bought me a uni present... the worlds smallest watch, its by a Swiss brand called Merveille, I've never heard of it, but its pretty cute. I'm not a fan of women's watches at all but this one goes nicely with my bracelets so i think I'm going to like it, pictures to come.
leather jacket from Australia
hand knitted scarf by moi ( took me bloody years)
only jeans
new Melissa shoes
my dad's cashmere jumper
diy aviator necklace (my sunnies broke so i decided to get a bit creative)

i love my new Melissa's! i don't own any pink shoes and it felt a bit strange buying flats but these are just too adorable. my feet does get a bit cold wearing them i must admit.

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