Friday, 25 September 2009


with my friends 18th slowly approaching, I've finally nutted out what I'm going to get her for this very special occasion. so i hit the shops, as a result of the recent on going crappy weather i haven't been feeling the need to go out or get dressed up... something very unlike moi, but with the newbies that my grandparents bought me from China i gave into their temptation.
frilly chiffon dress tunic thing from China
diy aviator necklace
Eiffel tower necklace
moschino pants (don't think I've mentioned these pants before, they were a lucky find in a Wellington op shop, hehehe)
shoes from France

as promised, here is a photo of the world's smallest watch( i have no idea if this is true or not, so don't hold me against it) its cute i think... it does make a really nice ring, crap meant to take a photo of it in ring form, i forgot like a idiot-it will come. any who i must be off for work, one of the many joys in life

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