Sunday, 30 May 2010


You guys, you have no idea how nice it is to go home to a place where there is NO wind! Seriously. My hair isn't whipping about all over the place, I don't have to constantly grab at my coat or jacket or what have you, for fear that its going to be torn off my body by the wind, and check this, I can even wear lip gloss and don't have to worry about my hair getting stuck in it. It is fabulous I tell you.

Enough about that, sorry I haven't updated in ages, it was hand in week last week so there were some all nighters along with late nighters and no time to waste.

I just got home yesterday, I have two weeks home and heaps of free time so no worries, i'll update more often.
Some shoes I left behind first time round.

Jewellery to last me two weeks

I found my faux chanel along with my Eiffel Tower, and a whole stack of books which I plan to bring back to Wellington with me.

My babe, haha she's not used to a flash light

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