Thursday, 18 February 2010


This is me making up for lost time on the blog...

Got this temporary internet connection thing in my apartment so I'm just making the most of it! feels totally weird to be on the internet in my own room, after moving here a week ago, and we still don't even have a TV! Needless to say theres been a bit of drinking going on around here to fill in the free time.


  1. Yay! You're alive!!! How's the flat? How are you coping? Do you like your flatmates???

    Oh, and I love the shoes. The black and white checkers are AMAZING.

    (Today I blew about $150 dollars at Supre and Wild Pair. Yep. >_< Got heaps of stuff though........... Although mum is going to kill me. x_X)

  2. Ann, where have you been??!! You've disappeared off the face of the internet!! You'd better still be alive lol.

    Passed on an award to you--the 'Happy 101'. (Check my blog if you're confused.)

    <3 from


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