Wednesday, 18 November 2009

I've been dying to wear this gorgeous vintage dress ever since I bought it a month ago, the length is perfect when I wear heels, and it gives me an illusion of height which is exactly what I like to see!

When ever I put it on I feel like a glamorous milk maid, I immediately get an urge to grab a bucket and go milk a cow...
jacket made by moi
siren shoes
vintage belt
random necklaces
The weird thing about this jacket is that the material only cost me $9 a meter, apart from the satin used on the lapels, however we had to make pants as well as part of the unit for school, so I decided to make a pair of satin pants, the material for that cost $19 a meter and I have to say the end product isn't very flattering. I guess expensive fabric don't always produce beautiful pieces... though that could just be my sewing skills...

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  1. The first photo is a gorgeous shot! You look like an angel... a very sexy angel lol. ^_~


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