Friday, 23 October 2009


Right now I'm eating my favourite green tea ice block (trying very hard to not get any on my computer), and i have to say green tea is the best flavour in the whole entire universe. I needed the pick me up after the day I had yesterday! Its a long story so I wont bore you with the details, long story short it involved a grandma, annoying work colleagues, boat people and a bunch of drunk girls, one in particular. lets just say a day like yesterday should never happen to anyone all at once! I'm emotionally drained.

Any who, today I'm wearing:

my dad's cashmere jumper
vintage leather skirt (I'm so in love with this skirt, bough it in a Wellington op-shop, I've been dying to wear it ever since i bought it, but the weather hasn't been so kind...)
tights cut off DIY leg warmer/socks thing
Siren booties

new nail polish, reminds me of cotton candy... yum

I'm really liking knotting thin necklaces to take away the plain jane factor

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