Tuesday, 6 October 2009


long story short since the weather has taken a turn for the better, I've been out and about with friends for the past week, excluding work on bright summery days. the due date for my portfolio is fast approaching and today i had to go out to buy some charcoal... it took me three shops, sore feet and half an hour later to buy a single stick of charcoal! needless to say i felt like I've accomplished something big once i successfully made the purchase and am now watching sex and the city on my laptop, and haven't picked up the stick of charcoal yet...
my friend Stef helped me yesterday to shoot some photos for my portfolio, here is one of my recent pieces, its a cousin to the t-shirt i made for Step for her birthday. i really like the rough edges and the ripped up back, i had no idea what i was doing, the idea came after some playing around

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