Friday, 24 July 2009


I am totally torn apart between these two pairs of shoes... actually that's a lie. I know what ones I really want, but there is an underlining issue which makes things complicated.
So here we have the two finalists ...

This one above^^^^^^^ is by a brand called One of Two Pairs (I think or something along the lines of that).
It's totally different and I can see myself wearing it with everything dresses, shorts, jeans, tights, skirts, etc
Its brogues with a twist. It'll be an investment.

Here we have the latest Melissa Ashanti bootie. Its totally cute and its got that classic velvety Melissa texture. I have to say though I do love these shoes in red better (just the shiny jelly non velvety one)

Its got less characteristic, but its classic all the same

I'm so torn that my friends decided to play good angel/ bad angel to help me argue the pros and cons... a decision must be made, But which shoe is THE SHOE???

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