Saturday, 25 July 2009


I'm feeling very insecure right now.
Today at work a random guy asked me if I had any children!!???
What the hell!!!??
Do I really look that old!?
I'm only bloody 17! ... I thought that was the point of make up!!!

Anyways here are 3 different ways to wear a Peter Alexander dressing gown... backwards
Peter Alexander dressing gown thing that's worn backwards as a dress, its just too pretty to pass off as a dressing gown, come on the ruffle details are just too cute
Oxford heels from France
Eiffel tower necklace from France
Same as above, but with added leather jacket bought from Australia

This time I'm wearing it with a waist coat bought from an op-shop, its very nice up close with fabulous tailoring

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  1. DARLING!!! finally got myself a blogspot XD
    i laughed when u said the guy asked if u were a mum... XP
    NO WAY!!! he's so FREAKING blind,u'r the hottest thing on earth >_~


    (this is cherie btw... always keep the faith is THE quote i love a lot right now...u'll know if u check my awesomely wicked new blog out)


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