Friday, 23 July 2010


So here she is, the coat.
I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, I must say I've received quite a few compliments on this babe… which always makes me feel really good, especially when they say "It doesn't look homemade at all!". what? Its nice to know that other people don't hate what you've just spent hours making.

wearing; Wild Pair sun glasses- $20
coat made by me- $35 (materials, 100% wool)
brogues- 60euros
dress- 50 yuan 
clutch- $2

A beautiful photo of the street taken by Ri


  1. Looks great :)

  2. It's lovely!! Haha "doesn't look homemade".. I know what they were trying to say, but these days homemade is loads better than mass produced store stuff!

  3. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks amazing. ^^ The fabric is so luxe. <3

  4. thanks hun! so glad you approve! haha cant wait to show you the actual thing!


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