Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Feast your eyes on these bad boys (the shorts) I got them from my all time favourite op-shop back home in Dunedin. Every time I go there, which used to be everyday after school, hay it was on my way home. I can always find something there, most of the time they need a little D.I.Y. here and there, but its for a good cause and its dirt cheap, just how I like it.

They resemble a curtain-like pattern, but on a softer material. I've been search for some red to add to my wardrobe, not that I don't have enough already. I'm actually at that point in the year where I'm kinda freaked out about how/where/how I'm going to move/store all my crap. OH CRAP.

did you know all my flat mates initials spell C.R.A.P.D. fun fact of the day, and we've made a pie to prove it!

wearing: thrifted shorts- $3
school fair top, by Max- $1
faux balenciagas- $80
Pimkie coat- 30 euros

the coat is going good, I idiotically didn't get enough material so its a little bit short…

merci Rach pour des photos!

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