Saturday, 8 August 2009


I have to admit I am one big procrastinator. THE BEST procrastinator you'll ever meet.

Instead of writing an English seminar that's due on Tuesday, I made myself a Chanel singlet, dug out all my random material lying around home, tidied my (very) messy bedroom and began a very long process of fixing the pair of satin pants that i was in the process of making (anything to aviod homework). Also this was my first Saturday free of work and gym and i even came home early on Sunday too.
I had planned to use this weekend wisely to finish all that school work, instead I extended my wardrobe and my homework... i am hopeless
denim waist coat- H&M France
singlet- a product of procrastination
sparkly tights- random
shoes- from France
aviators- random

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  1. Hey Anny
    Im a follower! Love the chanel top btw. Oh your photos are not bad, its just the self timer is always hard to get right. Cya xoxxox


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